Entrepreneurs and influencers:

Are you struggling trying to keep up with social media? You know it's important to stay top of mind and interact with your clients but you spend forever trying to get that perfect shot to tell your story or show off your product?

Let me introduce you to personal brand photography. It's an up-and-coming niche that is specifically designed to help small business owners boost their presence online. It starts with a consultation session where I'll get to know you and your business. Together we'll decide on an outline and I'll create a custom, consistent look comprising of at least 60 photos that you can use on your website and social media pages. These custom photos will allow you to easily tell your story and keep up with social media posts. No more hassle of setting your phone up against a pile of books  and taking a shot 10 times before you're finally not making 'that weird face'. I know, I've been there.

Because this is a growing industry, I'm looking for a few clients who want to work with me at a significantly reduced rate of $450 so I can build my portfolio in this specific area. After that, the price will go up.


If you are interested fill out the form below. I'm so excited to work with you!!

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